Statement of Commitment to Child Safety and Wellbeing

All children and young people who come to X-Speed Australia cycling club have a right to feel and be safe. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. We are committed to providing a friendly environment, where children and young people are safe and feel safe. X-Speed will be guided by the 10 national child safe principles for organisations working with children and young people. 


Clear Rules

X Speed is committed to the AusCycling National Integrity framework
National integrity framework.
We have clear codes of conduct for athletes, coaches, and parents. Harassment, bullying, discrimination and abuse is not tolerated at our club. If you feel someone is not following our codes, please report it to the committee and we will respond.


Working with Children Checks

X- Speed Australia Cycling Club  must be compliant with the WWC Act 2004. For all members that work with children either in volunteer or paid roles that do not meet an exemption, there is a legislative requirement to obtain a WWC card. X-Speed Australia Cycling club keeps a register of WWC details. For parent volunteers or volunteers under 18 using an exemption, a volunteer declaration must be completed. X-Speed Australia Cycling club will also keep a register of all WWC exempt volunteers.

Coaches Accreditation

Our coaching team are all required to complete accredited coaching and instructor courses and have completed training in child safe practices and appropriate conduct with young people.

A culture where everyone can talk and act together

We value the voice of our cyclists – If you have an idea or have a concern, let us know!

We value the voice of Parents - We are open to feedback or if you have a concern, please contact the committee.

Responding – Our Child Safeguarding Officers

If you have concern about the safety of someone or need to talk to someone please see:

  • Nicole Wilkin
  • Claire Sibbel
  • Justin Pitt            

Our safeguarding officers understand children’s needs and appropriate responses to any concerns, including reporting.